miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

Acaba de salir la nueva directiva para APEX 5.2!!!

David Peake, Product Manager de Application Express compartió la nueva directiva para Apex 5.2.

Estas serán serán las mejoras que se realizarán!!!

Oracle Application Express 5.2

Oracle Application Express 5.2 will focus on both new features and enhancements to existing functionality, and is planned to incorporate the following:
  • Remote SQL Data Access ‐ Extend common components such as Interactive Grids, Classic Reports and Charts to interface with data stored in remote databases using ORDS and REST.
  • REST Service Consumption ‐ Provide declarative methods to define references to external REST APIs and generic JSON data feeds and to use these references as data sources for Interactive Grids, Reports and Forms.
  • Declarative App Features ‐ Introduce a new Create App Wizard that allows for adding components and app features to new and existing applications.
  • Interactive Grid enhancements ‐ Add additional reporting capabilities such as Group-By and Pivot, support for subscriptions and computations, flexible row height and general UI improvements.
  • Page Designer ‐ Provide client-side wizards for the creation of more complex components like Dynamic Actions, Forms and Shared Components, User interface improvements.
  • Upgrade Oracle JET and jQuery ‐ Adopt the most recent versions of the integrated JavaScript libraries to take advantage of new Data Visualizations such as Gantt charts and new Form widgets and controls.
  • New REST Workshop ‐ Provide declarative methods to support the development of ORDS enabled REST web services, taking advantage of the latest features and functionality of ORDS.
  • Packaged Applications ‐ Improved framework and enhancements to the packaged applications.
Para descargar la directiva lo puedes hacer desde este link.

Un poco de mi historia ha sido publicada en la revista Miniondas and Farandula USA en este mes!!

Estoy muy feliz!!! la revista Hispana Miniondas and Farandula USA han dedicado 2 páginas a mi historia, festejando este mes el "Día Internacional de la Mujer". Gracias por tan hermoso reportaje y por compartir fragmentos de mi vida con la comunidad hispana del Sur de California!!! mi hijo Nicolas es el chef!!!! #loveminiondas #shareminiondas Les dejo el enalce para que vean la nota completa: http://miniondas.com/edicion-electronica/